Thursday, March 31, 2016

vintage tea part 5

this is very old hollywood gossip from geocities (so sue them not moi,lol)


Flatley, Michael. Hilariously vain and conceited dancer. One of several men for which the phrase "GET OVER YOURSELF" was invented. Divorced his wife. Voted one of the twenty most-hated people in Ireland. Recently sued for rape.

Flynn, Errol. "The most despicable human being yet born." "My son had not only been a bad little boy, he had been a nasty little boy." Jerk and Nazi sympathizer--also a spy for the Axis, if rumors are to be believed. A closeted FOD. fod=gay Anti-Semite. Linked with Truman Capote, Olivia de Havilland, Doris Duke, Howard Hughes, Barbara Hutton, Hedy Lamarr, David NivenEva Peron, Tyrone Power, Lana Turner, Gloria Vanderbilt, Lupe Velez, and Shelley Winters.

Ford, Harrison. Rumored to be a skirt-chasing slut into stripper clubs; wife dumped him when she found out that the rumors were true. Big hemp smoker. Also rumored to be into leather and S&M, as well as being a homophobe. (Although rumors begin to emerge about his dalliances with younger men). The Bill Murray character in Lost in Translation is reportedly based on him. Good tipper. Linked with Lara Flynn Boyle, Lesley Ann Down, Minnie Driver, Carrie Fisher, Calista Flockhart, Julia Ormond, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kristen Scott Thomas, and "about four dozen others."

Franklin, Aretha. Victim of incest; her first child was her father's.

Gable, Clark. Notorious tightwad. Bad breath, and bad in bed. Preferred blondes--had a hang-up about brown/black pubic hair. Used the casting couch to break into Hollywood; had George Cukor fired fromGone With The Wind because Cukor knew that. A hustler for gay clients. Committed murderous hit and run, and MGM covered for him. Linked with Joan Crawford, Marion Davies, Olivia de Havilland, Ava Gardner, Paulette Goddard, Jean Harlow, Grace Kelly, Hedy Lamarr, Carole Lombard, Merle Oberon, Louella Parsons, Nancy Davis Reagan, Norma Shearer, Lana Turner, Lupe Velez, Shelley Winters, and Loretta Young.

Garbo, Greta. Sad woman; had her career sabotaged by MGM. Rumored to be a man. wut? Linked with Max Baer, Tallulah Bankhead, Louise Brooks, Mercedes De Acosta, Dolores Del Rio, Marlene Dietrich, John Gilbert (who she left standing at the altar), Joseph P. Kennedy, Carson McCullers, Ramon Novarro, Erich Maria Remarque, Leopold Stokowski, and William S. Paley.

Gates, Bill. Poster boy for the Nerd Generation. Is heavily dominated/hen-pecked by his wife. Still unclear whether Gates and Microsoft are only examples of greed, or whether there is a more sinister evil at work. Hygienically challenged; is a "full-on slob." Has this thing where he sometimes rocks uncontrollably in his chair. Had a need for speed (automotive) while young. Reportedly entertains call girls in his office. Does not tip at all when he eats out. (Open the wallet, you cheapskate!)

Gere, Richard. Former husband/merkin to Cindy Crawford. Closet case, although the gerbil-stuffing rumor was spread by Stallone. Likes it rough--very rough. Supposedly a regular at the ER of St. Vincent's, where he brings in a few handsome young men every year with ruptured colons. oy vey! "A big bottom." "Dumber than hell. Narcissistic in the extreme." Or so I'm told. Linked to Kim Basinger, Barbara Carrera, Priscilla Presley, Julia Roberts, Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Uma Thurman, John Travolta, and Tuesday Weld.

Gibson, Mel. Strident and clueless Catholic. Anti-Semitic (and anyone who claims he isn't, after having seen his odious piece of offal The Passion, is either lying, anti-Semitic themselves, or pig-ignorant as to what anti-Semitism actually is). Compulsively cheats on his wife; refuses to let her use birth control. Homophobe and sexist. Alcoholic. Has a taste for Thai hookers; has them flown in while he's on set. Is also a shoe fetishist. Racist, given to telling jokes about blacks and using the n-word. Locals on one film agreed that he had "the world's worst case of b.o."

Gifford, Frank. Lackwit husband to Kathy Lee. Cheated on her when given the chance, admitting his taste for pornography. Former client of Heidi Fleiss' brothel. FOD or Bisexual.

Gifford, Kathie Lee. One of the foci of evil in the modern world. Sociopathic personality; emotional abuser of her child; empty-headed & vain. Exploits third-world workers via her clothing line. Does not treat her assistants well. Cheap tipper. Linked with Kevin Costner.

Gingrich, Newt. Evil, egotistical conservative martinet. Draft-dodger. Divorced once; cheated/cheats on his wife, and reportedly used House offices for trysts. Has oral sex with women so he can claim he didn't sleep with them. Forced ex-wife to sign divorce papers hours after her cancer surgery. Deadbeat dad.

Glenn, Scott. Would-be food connoisseur--but a failure at it. Seen, once, making out in a hot tub with Bruce Jenner. foreshadowing?lol  (Man, that's scraping the bottom of the celebrity barrel. What, wasn't Sorrell Booke available?)

Glitter, Gary. Into kiddie porn.

Good Charlotte. "Rude, drunk egotists with anger management problems." Bisexual brothers who may be dabbling in each other. (Yuch!)

Graham, Heather. "Will sleep with anyone if it will advance her career." Coke user. About two cans short of a sixpack. Linked to Adam Ant, Drew Barrymore, Ed Burns, Russell Crowe, Benicio del Toro, Heath Ledger, Tobey Maguire, and James Woods.

Grammar, Kelsey. Drug and alcohol problems. Statutory rapist.

Grant, Cary. Difficult to work with. Tightwad. Played both sides of the fence. Linked with Mr. Blackwell, Dyan Cannon, Joan Crawford, Doris Duke, Howard Hughes, Barbara Hutton, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Kim Novak, Ginger Rogers, Randolph Scott, and Mae West.

Grant, Hugh. General idiot and ninny; an Oxford grad but reportedly eight sandwiches short of a picnic basket. "Pompous wank." Bi_______. Has used hookers in the past. Linked with Sandra Bullock and Elizabeth Hurley.

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