Friday, April 1, 2016

boohoo popup store party

so i went to the boohoo party tonight. mischa barton was there looking cute in white lace(& it seemed like i was the only one to tell her so). is her episodes of "dancing with the stars" on yet? idk. i havent watched tv in MANY years. samantha ronson in a hillary clinton t-shirt was the dj. people told me there were a lot of youtube stars & friends of kylie jenner but again idk. i rsvped  & got a confirmation from boohoo saying that my name was on the list yet it wasnt. i find that VERY annoying. the party was lame until i found a new friend. the drinks were strong but there was only 1 attractive man(& he was a waiter). after getting wasted, i left early to hang out at chik-fil-a bc why not? lol

super pissed that i missed guns n roses tonight. passed by the troubadour where they are playing twice :-(. i also refuse to go to coachella to see them so i guess me marrying axl rose will never be,lol. 8 year old dallas would be SO angry right now. of course i would be out & about/oblivious when they were handing out tickets. i met axl,we have mutual friends, yet i still cant make it happen....

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