Monday, August 15, 2016

grandpa the lush

so i've been politely asking my neighbor(i'll call him grandpa) to stop doing blahblahblah for years.i'd ask and then 5 minutes later he'd do it again.i couldn't figure out if grandpa had alzheimers or was just an asshole.i think I found the answer today. we were talking pretty far away and I could smell the alcohol on him like he'd been marinating in a hobos was horrendous and grandpa was having trouble understanding me.

eventually i just gave up because I know i'll have to ask him to stop doing blahblahblah 3 more times tomorrow. grandpa was digging in the trash all today then got wasted behind the building with what he made.i know I should feel sorry but I can't. nobody is forcing him to be here in a country he cannot afford. nobody is forcing his children and grandchildren not to get jobs.

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