Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pandora Summer Crush featuring fergie + 5 seconds of summer

i rsvped 2 hours before the show to see the other black eyed peas and ended up getting a vip pass that I didn't even use. for fergie , they asked us to show up 8 hours in advance to pick up our pass. i'm early and there is easily 300 sweaty teenagers waiting in line.i nope the fuck out of there and get a cheeseburger instead . i like fergie but not enough to wait in line for hours with annoying teens.

i'm invited to 4 parties but i'm exhausted from no disco nap and only go to one at an art gallery. my personal jesus, miss pamela des barres is the hostess.all the men were 50+ and wearing inappropriate "sexy" outfits like skintight leather pants with a vest and no shirt.i have no problem with old men (john slattery can get it any day he wants ) or sexy seniors(helen mirren is still sexier than most women half her age)but seeing that just creeped me out.i left early to eat candy and harass my ex.

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