Tuesday, November 15, 2016

my abortion is not your business

i was reading this blog post and it was all the reasons why white women voted for president camacho(yeah i went there). the main reason (after racism and the fear that minorities will treat them like they treat minorities) was abortion rights as in they don't think you should have them.

i was talking to a pro life idiot and I asked her if she'd get an abortion if she were raped.

pro life idiot: "of course"
me: "so what if other women get raped, should they be able to get a legal abortion?"
pro life idiot: insert rant about how other women are slutty and deserve rape with the added punishment of raising an unwanted kid

of course there are ways we CAN make them less common if we offer alternatives, like contraception and education but you don’t want that either. the flying spaghetti monster says pre marital sex is bad but your 6 live in boyfriends don't count.

here's the deal,i've never had an abortion and probably never will but whether or not i have a baby is none of your business. nothing about what goes on about my vagina is your business. you people care SO much about a fetus yet don't care at all about the mother and born child. having children should not be a punishment and do you really think unwanted and abused children grow up to be model citizens? no. no they don't. some like me rise above but the majority of them never get over it. there is a good reason why the crime rate went down 20 years after roe vs wade but i'm sure the majority of you who voted for a man who admitted he molested women, was racist, and didn't pay his taxes are not smart enough to figure out why.

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