Sunday, November 13, 2016

the lure 2015 film review

the afi festival is going on and there were only 2 movies i was interested in seeing , "la la land" and "The Lure". i was SUPER excited, a horror musical about killer 1980s mermaids??? i really don't know if the problem was a bad translation or a bad script. i get its fantasy but even fantasy movies need to make sense.

the 2 mermaids were nude 98% of the time while the men didn't even go shirtless. i won't give away too much but the "mermaid vagine" shots almost made me lose my breakfast.

the director  Agnieszka SmoczyƄska had a q and a afterwards with one of the mermaids but I had a migraine by then and went shopping instead. i would love to see this again with a better translation and different editing,it has so much potential to be a great campy movie like a polish Hedwig and the Angry Inch or Rocky Horror Picture Show

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