Tuesday, November 8, 2016

white trash on election night

right now i'm reading the book White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America and I find it funny how now hundreds of years later white trash are still voting against their best interests to keep minorities/poor people down(instead of joining us to overthrow the unfair system that only benefits wealthy whites).

i saw this whole election as a joke.why would you shoot yourself in the foot to spite someone else? donald trump is obviously not a morally good person and has been failing in business for decades.the only reason he has money now is due to the reality show and using mexican/3rd world labor to manufacture the clothes he sells.i hear idiots say he will bring back jobs to the usa but how can that be when his own products are still made overseas?

i knew that america was filled with racist morons(i'm pointing my finger at all races so don't feel left out) but I never thought THIS many were pro trump. all latinx(and to a lesser extent other poc) who voted for him are so self hating and should be ashamed.was this what your ancestors struggled and died for? i try not to get political here or talk about the racism i receive every day (believe me i could post about racism multiple times daily) but this has gone too far.

i might update this later.my thoughts are all over the place

11/9/2016: i was reminded of a conversation i had with a white friend months ago.he said there was no way trump would be president because white people weren't that racist, stupid, and misogynistic.i laughed and said that I wished i could be so ignorant of the world around me. i had been pretty hopeful for the future but that is gone. obama benefited the lgbt and next year it will be back to the usual ie reverse affirmative action. another old conversation with a white woman and she asked me when I thought black people would finally get equal rights and equal treatment.i said "not in my lifetime". not to be bitter but I hope it was all worth it.

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