Friday, December 9, 2016

la la land

i was emailed 2 tickets to a horrible xmas movie and I was so offended i almost deleted it.after a couple of days i calmed down and decided to exchange the tickets for movies that I actually would want to see .

i refuse to even type the name of this unfunny christmas movie but I will say that the entire time I was in the theater there were 10 "jokes" and no one laughed. not even once. they gave away hundreds(thousands?) of tickets and i'm sure they will claim it was #1 at the box office and  make plenty of sequels.

anyhoo, i went to see the hollywood  musical "la la land " instead.the movie was very cute and ryan gosling is a sexy mfer who should never be paid to sing. emma stone was as charming as ever and finn wittrock only had 3 lines and  was completely wasted. how can you have finn AND baby goose on set without any shirtless scenes? despite that huge flaw,i recommend it

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