Saturday, December 31, 2016

mexicans and the white woman they idolize

my neighbors worship the white woman who lives in the next building while treating me like a pariah for politely asking them to stop waking me up("how dare that n!gger not be happy we allow her to live here!").you should see how abuelos face lights up when she talks to's pretty disgusting.she has no respect for them and talks badly about them to her friends.

it's another reason why I can't take that whole poc=minorities united thing seriously. latinx(and other minorities) only care about black struggles when it benefits them. meanwhile becky will go off, get married, and move into a house while they continue to live 7 in a 1 bedroom apartment and dig through the garbage.

of course latinx will be categorized as white (like the italians, irish, and jews) 20 years from now when they are the majority but it still makes me feel some kind of way when I see them kissing white @ss to be accepted.i feel like I have to write this every time I make a "controversial" blog post but I am not racist.i hate my neighbors because they are inconsiderate @ssholes, not because they are mexican. i hate racism,idiots, and hypocrites not white people.i hate that other people of color see black people as stepping stones instead of allies.

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