Sunday, December 25, 2016

bad santa 2

i  know i saw Bad Santa at the movies when it came out but didn't remember any of it so I decided to rewatch it before seeing bad santa 2. despite me literally running away from him, billy bob thornton can get it whenever he wants.the man is talented and even though the script tries too hard he's still pretty funny.for a normal comedy bad santa is ok but for a christmas movie it was great. now on to #2. i love christina hendricks so this should be good.

i always find it amazing how BBT has a new toupee for every movie.i wonder does he keep them all on wigstands on a vanity table or does he throw them away when he is through shooting? anyways bad santa 2 isn't as good as the first one and kathy bates and christina were as wasted as cloris leachman in the first one. i don't regret seeing it but I would never watch it again.

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