Wednesday, February 22, 2017

White Man's Burden

i've been wanting to see White Man's Burden since forever but with all the president camacho fuckery,i feel like this is the best the plot is black people are the racist ruling class and white people are poor and live in the ghetto. the premise would make a great comedy but, of course, white people having to experience real reverse racism is made into a tragedy.i'm not too fond of harry belafonte but this might be interesting.

i am loving the 1990s "african millionaire" fashions and do i spy original aunt viv? ok i'm getting into this.i had to stop myself from yelling out "go in,sis!". i see john travolta is wearing his "i'm a normal guy" toupee. ok i damn near choked on my pizza when they showed the white lawn jockey statue.

travolta is the only one with a "generic negro" accent,that is an odd choice.the writer/director is asian so that explains a little of travoltas cooning. it's really distracting,like he's in a different movie than the other actors.i just want to turn it off and watch Danger 5 :-(.

ugh,this jive talking is really making me angry now.THIS is what happens when there are no black people in charge, even fake ones get reduced to stereotypes. i'm surprised there was no scene of him tap dancing while holding a watermelon (or is that later?).

yassss, an afro centric fashion show. finally!

 i like how the white "gang members" are wearing suits covered in duct tape and slightly disappointed nobody has a mullet.this whole film is full of wasted opportunities.dead at the fact all the dolls are black and travolta frowns when his kid wants one(i didn't know this movie would trigger my own memories  going to the store and finding no dolls who looked like me).the last 30 minutes were lame and it wasn't a good movie but I still recommend it anyway

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