Friday, February 24, 2017

#BeJoiful event

so the joiful invitation emails promised massages, full body waxes ,makeup, manicures ,and hairstylists.i don't enjoy strange people touching me but i could use a manicure so I was slightly excited.the event is set in a no name studio stage in bfe. there are a LOT of secret service type bodyguards hanging out (wtf were they protecting ???!???).the decorations were nice but everything was too dark .

i go to look at the nail polish and it is in a dark looks old,separated like it hasn't been used in years.i can only imagine what the colors looked like. no one is actually giving manicures.the massages and makeovers are being done on models with 3 chairs surrounding so you can watch someone else being pampered. those were the only seats and they stayed empty.

no one had any idea what was going on(the employees and the invited).why would anyone show up to watch a random get a massage? i still have no idea what joiful is and have not looked in the giftbag yet. if it's anything interesting i'll post an update's late and these joan crawford movies aren't going to watch themselves.

another thing that bothered me was how people working there kept asking me if I were a blogger and how their faces would light up when I said wristband said vip but there was no true vip area,just 4 chairs roped off where a model was getting his makeup done.pretty sure they covered a white man head to toe in matte black or dark brown makeup with gold accents like the most extreme blackface ever. :-(

i guess it would have been a good event if I were just there to get wasted with my friends. the only hot guy was an asian who worked there and would not give me the time of day so I left for cheeseburgers........

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