Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dallas is the most serious girl in the world

i have been so busy running around in circles to put my store together that I haven't written in years.i had a literary agent and a publisher but I never went through with it.there is no rush but seeing a few lessers getting on the nyt best sellers list has almost lit a fire under me.i don't want to waste my talent like zelda fitzgerald.

i saw Z: The Beginning of Everything a while ago and wasn't going to review it but since this may be the last post this month wgaf. christina ricci was too old and had no charisma. everybody had a different southern accent but the costumes were nice. tallulah bankhead and her sister looked too much alike and I never knew which was which and of course there were no non white people because they had not been invented yet. i liked David Hoflin a lot though he didn't do much and his nude scene was disappointing.the whole thing stops before anything interesting happens but I don't know if I will continue to watch it even if there is a 2nd season. the nancy mitford book was so much better and if christina is annoying now I can't even imagine how worse it will get once she has to act crazy .

lol. the whole point of this was to say this blog will be even more dead while I figure out what I want.

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