Monday, July 31, 2017

blind item: the beautiful rockstar everybody hates

a guy drove his 14 year old sister 2 hours to see this rockstar play in nickname for him was liz so I will call him that now. liz had a couple of hits but they were only popular because liz was so pretty.

anyhoo,the guy stops to get fast food and there is a tour bus in the parking lot.they go in to find liz and his band and the little girl tells him how much she loves their music and how long the drive was. liz makes fun of the girl and she starts to cry.she begs her brother to drive her home and throws away the concert tickets.

fast forward to when I meet liz through my rockstar ex boyfriend "elvis". he allows liz to do a cover of his song and we go to the recording studio to hear it.the entire ride elvis is complaining about how liz has no talent and how he will ruin his song. elvis asks me to tell liz his version of the song sucks (this is before either of us had heard it).of course I say no and elvis is upset i will not do his dirty work.

we have to drag elvis out of the car. liz goes on and on about how elvis is his idol and playing his song was the highlight of his life.we listen to 10 seconds of the song (it is terrible) and elvis starts to kiss ass,talking about how wonderful the band is.he gets up and drags me out of there.the entire ride home elvis is mad because I refused to insult liz

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