Wednesday, July 12, 2017

blind item: the family man

this saga started many years ago when the future wife kept cheating upwards until she got pregnant by the star. the star never wanted her or their children but she refused to get an abortion.he did the right thing and dulled his boredom with drugs and affairs with his leading ladies (yes that is the reason why that escort was in his movie and not her immense "talents").

anyhoo, he started cheating with that boring blonde and she assumed it would be her big break so she texted him some nudes. i always thought blondie leaked it herself due to thirst but turns out wifey was responsible for posting those pictures online.

fast forward (3 years after starting the affair with his new blonde cocaine loving twin),he is finally ready for a divorce.i feel so bad for his unwanted children but the wife will continue to play the martyr until she can trick another man to marry her

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