Friday, September 15, 2017


so bromans is pretty much geordie shore in cheap plebs costumes (or jersey shore doing ben hur cosplay for the yanks). now why do i feel like i've found my purpose in life ? i'm hoping that there will be plenty of scenes of the big blonde getting oiled up. this show is going to be stupid,i may have to get drunk before I can watch it...........

not even 3 minutes in and the bad plastic surgery plus the polyester weaves is irking my nerves.why do all of the women need to look like trannies? can we just get rid of everyone else and focus on dino portelli's ass for the rest of the season?

the "fit geezers" get naked and I still can't see much :-/. idk, none of this is interesting and I feel like watching curb your enthusiasm reruns.not a good hour later and I am 7 minutes in.this is going to take all night . dark skin unambiguous black girlfriend wins first challenge because duh #blackexcellence. ok penis has finally been shown.i might have to watch this entire season now. slightly pissed dino's fake lipped horse faced slag was able to win him clothes.

...........and the losers get leather jock I may need to look up the other shows this production company has made.i watch way too many british television shows and I am scandalized this the new normal? do i need to start watching more uk reality tv?

i'm not even going to mention how the un-melanated women are claiming to be under 30 yet look 45. the teenager looks like somebodys mom.19 where? in dog years? i refuse to learn any names.the only name that matters is dino. lol.

are they sleeping in the plebs office? where is the water boy water man? is this the reason why there hasn't been a new season of plebs in a billion years ? 2.5 hours later and I am almost halfway through.30 more minutes of bromans to go.

it would be much better if they didn't have electricity and modern conveniences and had to eat real ancient roman food.why half ass it? 2 seconds on google and I see "doctore" is anti feminist. he is now dead to me and my attention will go back to dino.the fey host is funny.i bet he couldn't stand any of those morons.wgaf about these challenges ?

the low class accents are KILLING me.i always find it weird when I need subtitles for native english speakers. tom has the best accent,i could listen to him talk for hours.last 3 minutes and of course pretty glenn and 50 year old "teenage" summer need to go but it's pretty smart for the bigger ,stronger men to vote to keep him (only to give themselves a better chance to win later).i feel like that isn't the last we will see of sophii(?wtf?). there needs to be some kind of villainess and the other girls are very boring

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