Monday, February 19, 2018

imitation of life

i dont regret doing "rock of love" but its not something that i think or talk the grand scheme of my life it was nothing.others got "fame", "fortune", & rich husbands afterwards while i got illegal immigrant neighbors calling me a n!gger after they eat my garbage. 'tis life i guess.

today i got a message from a random who thought i remembered him(i did not).his job was to get the ROL girls work afterwards. every acting job i got before & after "rock of love" was due to my hard work & extreme effort. nobody ever lifted a finger to help me in any way(i was even blacklisted but that is another story for another time). of course,i never made a dime from him & pretty sure this was the first time we ever talked.he said that i was "too weird" to get any work through him(but of course not too weird to fvck).i didnt ask what he meant by "too weird", i'm guessing that was a polite way of saying i didnt fit into any stereotypical boxes.that might have been my biggest "problem".i mean who would want to watch a reality show about a black woman who wasnt a racist caricature?  madness

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