Tuesday, February 20, 2018

heathers 2018 tv show review

now the original heathers is one of my favorite movies so i was p!ssed when i heard of this remake.there is absolutely no need to remake movies that are already good,you cannot improve upon perfection.that being said i am not too excited to see this new heathers at all.

first thought is Grace Victoria Cox who plays veronica is bland & boring.its like they cast the 1st white woman who walked in the room. not cool.it would have been great for nikki soohoo to play veronica instead of the asian nerd stereotype but oh well.i already feel like most of the casting is trash.i wont even comment on how most of the "teens" look 30 years old.

also i dont feel that the lead most popular heather would be plus size & unattractive even in our modern fatcentric times. fat & cute, maybe but definitely not butch & fug like they styled Melanie Field.i'm not even 10 minutes in & this is going in the wrong direction. the original was more about how horrible society was & this one is about how horrible fat heather is.it's mean spirited towards her & seems a bit petty towards sjws. now that i'm thinking about it the name should've changed since this obviously was written by someone else & there would not be a million heathers in high school now. maybe "nevaehs" or "emmas".

its trying SOOOOOOO hard to be cool & i am cringing.i really hope fat heather is killed in the 1st episode & never comes back(ditto for veronica).this is painful.this show is weaksauce. i cant recommend it,not funny, not interesting,not even half as good as the original.

11/9 update: so i finally finished the season.it got better once the focus was less on bland veronica & more the other kids.Grace Victoria Cox only has 2 facial expressions & i'm still confused why she was cast in the 1st place.the ending was stupid,drawn out, & hard to care if anyone lives or dies. hopefully they make season 2 which is set in the french revolution(with completely different actors except jd).that is what they shouldve started with tbh.

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