Friday, March 16, 2018

elvis and nixon

now i've had a crush on michael shannon for a while & lord knows i love the king so i dont know how i missed this. despite having kevin spacey ,(who always seemed creepy to me) its a pretty good cast filled with the prettiest of boys.

first impression: michael in that bouffant elvis wig is everything.of course he looks nothing like him but i'd watch michael shannon do anything. bubba ho tep is probably the best "elvis" movie but i'm not even 5 minutes into this one............

alex pettyfer is gorgeous yet looks like a thumb in that wig.what kind of sorcery? all the wigs are so cheap looking.its cute how all the girls squeal when elvis walks into a room.thats a nice touch. michael is so funny & talented,he should act more often.he was AMAZING on "at home with amy sedaris",it was my favorite episode.

colin hanks is such a cutie & looks more & more like his pappy the older he gets. evan peters is looking wide & tired.maybe he is eating his feelings from all the alleged domestic abuse? final thoughts: its a cute movie but not worth watching. michael shannon is wearing sunglasses throughout most of the film & covering up his expressive eyes.the script was ok but we all know how the story ends

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