Friday, April 5, 2019


i was SUPER excited when i first heard of fosse/verdon. the costumes are amazing & sam rockwell is so underrated but it was missing something(what that something is, i dont know).

the casting was off.the liza minnelli(Kelli Barrett) didnt look or act like liza but if that was her singing voice definitely sounded like her. in order to really get into this show you need to know the history. they dont really say characters names or the names of the projects so you will have no idea what they are talking about(i've seen 90% of these movies & i was still lost).i cannot stand michelle williams but she was pretty good & sounds exactly like gwen.

it might as well have been called "the bob fosse show" because the first episode was all about him & his childhood.i guess gwen verdon was born fully formed on a clam shell? hopefully the rest of the season we will see more of her & less of his horrible behavior

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