Friday, April 19, 2019

Lipstick on Your Collar

i dont know how i missed Lipstick on Your Collar & yet here we are. ewan mcgregor is so beyond fine that even if the plot is stupid & singing bad, these next 6 hours will be worth it.

eh, this is a "jukebox musical" & all the songs are just the 1950s originals lip synced by randoms.4 minutes in & my head is already starting to hurt.this may have been a mistake. every 2 minutes they "sing" a different song & none of them really help tell the story through the lyrics. 17 minutes in & there is this "joke".

"what do you call those little black things in between an elephants toes?"
"slow n!ggers"

this was originally a tv movie. i can see why i've never heard of this before now. another "joke" was the same character literally repeating the word bumholes 100 times. some white man actually got paid to write this garbage.

it isnt funny at all & the author is obsessed with pee/poop/butt jokes. no reason in the world why this story needs to be told in 6 hours.i love to watch ewan dance but its not worth it to waste 6 hours full of racism, bad acting, & unfunny jokes.

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