Monday, April 29, 2019

tsa is completely useless

so i go on vacation & the absolute worst part of any trip is going through tsa. its like they try to be as disrespectful/dehumanizing as possible. every single time, they stop me to touch my hair no matter how i style it.i have never heard of a black female terrorist but that doesnt stop them from wasting time making sure i feel uncomfortable.

i usually carry pepper spray & brass knuckles because i've seen first hand how the public gets off on black women being hurt(& not helping afterwards).in this life, i have to save myself. the plan is, i put the weapons in my checked baggage & go on the plane with a small purse.

i wake up super early with very little sleep & head to the airport.the tsa line is incredibly slow & its taking a long time for my purse to go through the scanner. finally i get it back & am on my way. later on i look through my suitcase & start to freak out because i couldnt find my keys/weapons. turns out they were in my purse the entire time.i was on the plane with pepper spray & brass knuckles(which is prohibited by the tsa).

seeing how easy it was for me to do that by accident makes me wonder what else is being smuggled on purse was small & half empty, either they saw my weapons & let me go through anyway or worse, they didnt see. i'm sure if i had brought an unopened bottle of water they wouldve made me throw it away but actual weapons was ok. tsa is just theater to make stupid people feel better

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