Friday, April 3, 2020

forgotten tv shows: beyond westworld 1980

as a child, i was obsessed with yul brynner in westworld. since this season of  westworld is slightly boring(i really cant stand the caleb storyline & really wish they would go to futureworld),i have decided to review beyond westworld.

elvira makes a cameo as a saloon robot in the pilot. its always funny to see what "the future" looks like in vintage shows/movies. 6 minutes in & i have no idea whats going on, now they are in a navy submarine for what? who are these people & why should i care? its like they started the first episode in the middle. an actress almost trips in a scene(an obvious accident they were too cheap to edit out), it looks like the budget for this show was $100, & everybody just showed up in their normal clothes. they are still on the submarine :-(. i dont think i have enough wine for this.

episode 2: its like the love boat & every show introduces a lame new character with a complete storyline that ends in 30 minutes with a happy ending.i'm so glad most modern tv shows(that i watch) arent like that.

episode 3: it took me such a long time to finish the 1st episode & i kept falling asleep through the 2nd. this one has a good singer with great disco outfits. the plot is dumb as usual

episode 4: meh.i dont care about any of these storylines, i'm just waiting for it to be over so i can watch tiger king

episode 5: gorgeous judy pace & homeboy from gilligans island is in this episode but this whole series is so lame/predictable. i liked the 3rd episode best but they were all trash(& not in a good way, just boring).

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