Sunday, April 5, 2020

angel angel down we go or cult of the damned

i always get a kick out of 1960s "groovy" movies that were made by people who obviously didnt understand the counterculture but wanted to make money off of it anyway. the plot never makes sense, there is always a weird scene where everybody gets high & has an orgy, & the dialog is cringy. angel angel down we go is one of those movies.

this one is a little different because the main character is an obese rich girl. every scene involves either her or someone else saying she is fat. meanwhile she is a size 10 or 12 which today would make her "skinny". her only problem is a sh!tty attitude & an ugly face, not her size.

she falls in love with a $1 store clone of jim morrison who runs a cult, the lamest cult in the world. in the middle of the sex scene he kisses her then moves her head away.

mim jorrison: "wow your breath stinks, your breath stinks!!!!"
fat girl: "oh please"
mim jorrison: "no i dig it,i dig it!!!!"

every time i see that scene i die a little inside. is this supposed to be romantic? what kind of psycho would do that & what kind of psycho would allow that? he lays on top of her naked without moving while she makes an orgasm face for 3 minutes.his cult shows up & they sing a song about fat acceptance while she frugs(why is this movie not more popular?). i'm waiting for jennifer jones to show up again & class up the place. pretty sure i reviewed this movie already but its my blog & i will do what i want! :-)

next morning she wakes up, he pimp slaps her & says she is going to fly his plane.of course she has never flown a plane but she does it perfectly while the band/cult sky dives. this is anarchy? hippies were sky diving? ok, sure. you would really HAVE to be high to enjoy this movie.

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