Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Blue Angel 1930 vs 1959

i had no idea they filmed a remake in 1959.i saw the original in english & german & couldnt understand what was going on in both versions or why lola lola would waste her time with the professor. i only know may britt as the idiot who married sammy davis jr so this might be interesting.

this version was supposed to star marilyn monroe but she turned it down.i can see why marilyn didnt do this movie, its just a tragic foreign version of bus stop. everybody goes on & on about how "sexy" marlene dietrich was but i never saw it. she looks like a potato with a face painted on it to me & she never had any kind of shape before the 1950s. i'm surprised may britt even became a star in the 50s, she's also shaped like a breadstick & facially not very cute. shes doing a pretty intense marlene impression but the professor is much better in this version. he really makes you feel sympathetic to his plight.

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