Wednesday, May 6, 2020

facebook "friends"

ive been on facebook for at least a was the 2nd time ive read my facebook messages in that time. there were thousands of messages but the general gist i got is that white people need more hobbies. instead of sending racist emails to black people you dont know, why not read a book? or exercise? or paint your trailer? or raise your children? why not make that extra energy into doing something productive with your life?


to all the hotties who slid in my dms, sorry. its not you, its me. i got some non sexual emails from steven adler asking me to go to his concert. i am so sorry(you have no idea how sorry i am that i missed that). young Dallas wouldve KILLED to hang out/make out with steven adler but its probably for the best we never met.i feel like we'd be way too similar to sid and nancy & this timeline is already fucked up enough already.

to all the distant relatives who slid out of the woodwork after you saw me on tv ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. when i needed a family, y'all were too busy so lets keep that same energy.

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