Monday, May 11, 2020

the jerk, too

the jerk is one of my favorite movies.i remember watching it a billion times as a child & being amazed that such a stupid/funny movie had been made in the 1st place. a couple of months ago, i found out there was a sequel the jerk, too. its always a bad sign when the sequel stars someone else but i'm in quarantine & we obviously have time for fuckery. here we go.

30 minutes in & i havent laughed once.its nice to see old footage of las vegasray walston , & mabel king  but they are slumming & not given a lot to do. there is a reason why nobody knows the name mark blankfield. imdb says he was on saved by the bell but ive seen that show multiple times & dont even remember him(i assumed he was the idiot doing magic tricks but that wasnt him). now i see he was in "splash,too" so i guess his whole career was flop sequels............

50 minutes in, gwen verdon shows up & it becomes a musical, yet still incredibly boring. it makes me sad to see all these great entertainers wasting their talent/time on this mess.i hope the pay was good, at the very least.

tldr: dumb plot, boring movie, not worth watching

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