Wednesday, May 13, 2020


who tf was asking for a new al capone movie? there are so many interesting historical criminals or gangsters & yet they keep making movies about this fat fvcker. i dont get it at all. plus in 2020 they really couldnt find an already obese older actor to play him? did we really need sexy, edible tom hardy in a fat suit & 30 pounds of aging makeup?

ive been a stan since he was thottin' on myspace but i am so sick of toms unnecessarily unintelligible accents & futile efforts to make himself unattractive.i honestly wish i'd never heard of this movie so i wouldnt have to waste another 2 hours of my life & yet here we are.

not even 5 minutes in & tom has a elmer fudd accent. for real? could the producer or director not ask him to mess up the entire movie? all the other actors are just sitting there acting like its ok & you know they were probably trying not to laugh. his face looks like a melted plastic halloween mask.

16 minutes in: am i supposed to be caring about any of this? am i supposed to feel sorry for capone?who wants to see a movie about the least exciting time in al capone's life? its really making me feel some sort of way knowing how many millions of dollars was wasted making this instead of a good movie.the mind boggles..........

this is like a monster movie where capone is frankenstein & there are so many unintentionally funny parts.i'm surprised i'm still watching this tbh. a wise man once said "never go full r3tard" & he was right. was this a failed attempt at getting an oscar? was any of this movie supposed to be funny?

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