Friday, May 15, 2020

dune 1984

i ended up watching the dune tv miniseries before watching this one because i heard it didnt make much sense if you didnt read the book. the tv show was ok but very boring,i heard the 1984 version was a campy sh!tshow but i love camp so i was ready for fvckery.

the costumes were pretty cool though i dont think black pleather in the desert is a good choice. i forgot how beautiful virginia madsen was & its a shame sean young became a punchline instead of a movie star. she was so talented(though wasnt given enough to do here, which could be said of all the actresses, really).

all these movies need more fayd & the baron harkonnen is the most interesting character. i'm incredibly disappointed the sting metal thong scene only lasted a couple of seconds.i think the audience needs to know exactly how it fit in the back. lol.

kyle maclachlan is smoking hot but his huge 1970s style hair was distracting.he was riding the worm & it didnt even move,it was so stiff. plus he doesnt look anything like the dude playing his dad. somebody said dune was a scifi movie made by someone who doesnt like scifi & i can see that. a lot of the scenes looked like they were rushed through(not to get to the point but just because the director was bored). they did patrick stewart dirty by giving him a mullet with his bald head.

im SLIGHTLY interested in seeing the new dune starring timothee chalamet only because i want to see what hottie they cast as fayd. timmy is PAINFULLY unattractive & looks like a 9 year old boy so i dont know how they are going to pull it off.

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