Sunday, May 17, 2020

blind item: that biracial singer with low self esteem

something about this "singer" always rubbed me the wrong way. biracials raised by white moms always turn out worse than ones raised by a black mom but it was more than that.this "singer" is VERY sexual, always half naked, showing off her unattractive shape. turns out she used to (still is?) doing free cam shows for men (inserting cucumbers in various orifices, scat shows, vomiting, etc) & enjoys it when white men call her the n-word. she got plastic surgery on multiple body parts because these men she was doing free sex shows were insulting her looks. after the surgeries they continued to call her ugly (while she continued camming).in her spare time, she was a member of a racist, anti black chatroom.

the men she entertained online are now trying to blackmail her with the p0rn she posted. she isnt drunk when she is live on her official pages, she is high off hard drugs.i cant say that i feel sorry for her

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