Thursday, May 21, 2020

"The Dallas Show" starring Dallas Harrison! quarantine special with guest star Sookie Stackhouse

i know you didnt ask but i'll tell you anyway. :-) ive been spending the majority of my quarantine begging idiots to wear cute face masks , watching true blood for the 1st time, & waiting for fedex to deliver my very important package (spoiler alert, they kept it for months shuttling it to various locations, & never delivered it).

i find true blood to be pretty stupid but the guys are cute & look better naked(which they are in every episode).i'm shocked i didnt watch this sooner,its a VERY Dallas vibe.

it would be nice if i could say i spent this time relaxing, cooking, or reading the 40+ unread books i bought but i'm not a millionaire so work still needs to be done.

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