Wednesday, July 22, 2020

brave new world

i read this book years ago & i dont remember the exact plot but i do remember how creepy he predicted our "sex positive" future. sex positive is in quotes because nsa promiscuity only benefits men but thats a conversation for another day.

i LOVE jessica brown findlay & was pissed when she left harlots to film this. 3 episodes in & i'm pretty sure this show is only 10% of the book "brave new world" & 90% the imagination of whatever white guy they picked to write the script. i cant stand it when they take a book & then only use the name not the actual plot(because most americans are too stupid to read the book then assume the tv show is "true").

pro: the 1990s/1970s style "futuristic" wardrobes
con: alden ehrenreich ?

i keep trying to get into alden but there is no there there. he's not attractive & ive seen no kind of personality in his work.its like they ran out of bland white guys & he was the last one in the room so he got cast. i slowly die inside every time bernard marx wears his "futuristic" 1970s style leisure suit. i really hope those "willie dynamite" does "gattaca" costumes werent an accident.

its fun to see demi moore go back to her white trash roots, though i wish they gave her a more realistic & less distracting looks like its about to slide off in every scene. the savagelands traditions part shouldve been longer. idgaf about homegirl from harlots protecting the land & pretending to be native american(its gross but i'm sure white people dont see how gross it is plus she's english so i doubt she understands how bad it makes her look).

ed stoppard is so gorgeous & sinister. its bizarre he isnt a huge star by now. i feel like this didnt need to be almost 9 hours since the most interesting characters were killed off pretty quickly.i would probably watch a 2nd season despite saying that.

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