Sunday, July 26, 2020

an olive branch

i didnt read this novel but you can.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . i didnt care then & i dont care now. y'all can stop with the fake apologies, now

Re: An apology and extending an olive branch. Hi Dallas, I hope you're doing well. This is Lacey from Rock of Love. I'm probably the last person you want to hear from, but I want to take a moment to apologize to you, and extend an olive branch. I'm going to send this, and then write more to you...
As I said, I first would like to start out by giving you an apology. I know that I annoyed the crap out of you on the shows, and at times, really made you upset and angry. I want to take this moment to say "I'm sorry" to you, and to accept responsibility for any pain I have caused you. That was never my intention. I always thought you were, and are, a strong, confident, and "bad ass" woman. When I was on the Vh1 shows, I was very much intentionally playing the "villain" character, with encouragement from the producers. I knew it would get me far in the game (on both shows), and I knew it would make for funny, entertaining television. The reason I chose people like you and Jes to give "a hard time" to, was because I knew that each of you were strong women who could handle it, and could handle me. I knew you were tough and confident, and I knew that of the two of us, I was going to come across as the "bad guy".
Your name has come up quite a few times on the podcast, and I will let you know that nothing bad was ever said about you. If anything, I describe you as being "an incredible adversary" to me. You were such an iconic character, and an integral part of those shows! Not only do I think that, but the fans are well aware of it, too. Fans of the Vh1 shows and fans of the podcast keep asking over and over, "When's Dallas coming on?" You are really important to a LOT of people.... maybe more than you even know.(?)
I was hoping, at the very least, I can talk to you over the phone, so that I can give you a proper apology, (apologizing over text is cheap). I also want to listen to what you have to say to me with an open mind. My hope is that maybe enough time has passed and that maybe you and I can mend this, and hopefully be on friendly terms... or at least be cordial.
The energy and vibe of the podcast is very different from that on Rock of Love. On the podcast, it is all about positivity. If you have your doubts, then I invite you to ask Sam, Brandi M, and Big John about their experiences on the podcast. It is important to me that everyone comes across in the best light possible, because I feel that it is a direct reflection on me, and on the podcast. The fans of the podcast are incredibly kind as well, to all of my guests. My guests are welcome to promote any projects, charities, products, etc, that they may be working on, and each episode of the podcast averages over 10,000 views.
I would love to have you on, as a guest, if you would be open to it. But first, at the very least, I am hoping you will allow me to call you on the phone, so that I can listen to anything that you have to say to me, and apologize for hurting or angering you. I do think you're a good woman. I mean that. I don't reach out like this, to people who I don't respect, and I do have respect for you.
Thanks so much for reading this. I appreciate your time.
I wish you all the best, Lacey Sculls
Jul 15, 2020, 7:32 PM
❤ I hope you see this. ❤

eta: to all the racists in my inbox How the concept of forgiveness is used to gaslight women. you can also replace the word women with "black people" & it still works.i was going to write a separate post about that but most racists are too dumb to even understand it


  1. Interesting "apology." I've seen/listened to the podcast, but I also watched her interactions with you on ROL. As a Black woman, watching her antagonize you on the show made me very uncomfortable since you were the only Black woman in the house. (I was always rooting for you!)
    I didn't like the first part of her "apology." It seems like she was justifying how she treated you because you're a "strong, independent woman." So ridiculous. And now it seems disingenuous that she reached out because fans keep asking about you. SMH.
    You've left her behind, there's no need to do anything else. The show is interesting, but you don't need to do anything you don't want to.

  2. To me it is an oportunity. Dallas was amazing in Rock of Love. I enjoyed when Dallas said to Lacey "You can eat my f+ck+ng sh+t" I can understand how Dallas feel with this. I know hate and revenge deeply. The only reason i'm writing this is because Dallas is loved and the fandom want to see, know and hear more of Dallas. Be happy, be free, be a queen Dallas.

  3. I hate how fans made it look like you were just holding a grudge against Lacey, but it seems to me that Lacey isn’t truly sorry for her actions towards you. This “apology” came off as very insincere and backhanded. I mean you’ve left VH1 behind, & it’s understandable that you don’t want anything to do with it.

  4. I watched all these shows and listen to Talk of Love (for the guests alone) and you are definitely making the right choice by ignoring that racist gutter troll. Stay strong, sis!


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