Friday, August 28, 2020

friday fvckery: that time i had a date with a famous guy but had no idea he was famous

this happened a billion years ago & i am drunk off four lokos(as one does) so you will have to excuse me. :-)

anyhoo,i see this guy on a dating website & he says his name is "josh"(or something). josh is GORGEOUS & i have an invitation to a beachfront mansion party so i invite him as soon as we match.i normally do a background check before meeting strange men but i guess i must've skipped that due to time limits/hotness.

we meet up at his apt so he can drive us both to the mansion. his apt is in a VERY expensive part of town & before he's said something like he moved to la to take care of his dad & his dad moved in with him, etc.we get in his car & its super expensive & brand new. i assume the car/apt is actually his dads & he's lying(i live in hollywood & ive met plenty of young millionaires before so i have no idea why my first instinct was that his dad was the rich one).

i showed up at least an hour late & he was wearing clothes that looked like they had been slept in. his teeth were covered in "cheese" like he hadnt brushed them in a week.i shouldve left but we went to the party.he said about 5 words the entire time & i went home.

i had always wanted to see "canadian tv show"(not the name, obviously) & had it in my netflix queue for years.a week after the date,i decide i have time.turns out "josh" was the leads boyfriend on the show.i'm 98% sure he gave me a fake name & that was the actor i went out with.i disguised his name only because he isnt worth talking about, its just a funny story i remembered while drunk {insert shrug emoji}

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