Saturday, September 5, 2020

mulan 1998 vs 2020 review

 i'm pretty sure i've never seen mulan.i hated childrens movies even as a child & i dont really fw disney. the grandma is the coolest character & mushu is annoying. i wonder if they asked eddie murphy to act like a stereotype or was that his idea? its a very cute story with a great theme but i wish there was more scenes of the women being treated less than before she became a soldier. idk how i feel about all the drag queens in this movie. was disney trying to tell us something?

in the new one, mulan has a sister instead of a talking dragon & a jewish grandma. her dads wig is john travolta level bad. it looks like its going to slide off if he moves too fast. i'm glad my girl li gong is playing a bad betch instead of the mom. this new mulan isnt super pretty but also doesnt look like a man. 

most of the men are wearing those horrible wigs.i know disney couldve afforded something better than that. plus the love interest isnt even attractive. who was asking for this? they spent a lot of time & effort & this remake isnt a better movie.if anything, its worse because its boring & there are no songs. disney has a LOT of nerve charging $30 for this mess.

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