Thursday, October 1, 2020

my newest guilty pleasure: a series of unfortunate events

even as a child, i HATED childrens books/movies/tv shows, so its rare if i watch anything for kids(i even skipped rupaul's "AJ and the Queen" because it starred a child). i ended up watching lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events because:

1 jim carrey
2 we are still in coronavirus lockdown.

there is this one joke where the baby babbles & jim says something like "i'm sorry,i dont speak monkey" or some such nonsense. for months now, i think of it & laugh like a crazy person.its a very funny & cute goth childrens movie.i highly recommend it plus the tv show "a series of unfortunate events" starring doogie howser. the tv show is pretty slow until they introduce esme squalor & carmelita spats. jim was a better count olaf but the kids in the tv show are a billion times better than the movie ones. plus tv klaus baudelaire is on "the great"(his sex scene had me shook until i googled he's an adult who only looks 12).

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