Friday, October 2, 2020

what is the game plan amerikka?


what is the point of marching for black lives matter when you still uphold white supremacy? what is the point of  denouncing trump & voting for biden if you're still racist? what is the point of dating a black person if you are still afraid of living next to a black person? just because you had 1 black friend in elementary school, it doesnt make you not a racist. i'm just not understanding what the point of all this acting is. amerikka is a racist country & the majority of its people are racist (despite whatever lie you may tell yourself to sleep better at night). why not just live in your truth & say how you really feel?

i dont know what is going on now. the majority of people i see looting & rioting "for black lives matter" are white & its weird to me how the media is trying to frame this as black people being violent criminals. i KNOW y'all dont care about us, its been proven over & over for the last 400 + years. all this rioting & looting has more to do with boredom & neanderthal genes & less about what is best for black people. i had something profound to say but i'm tired & y'all dont hear me so.................

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