Friday, October 23, 2020

the witches 1990 vs 2020

 i LOVE roald dahl & jim henson but for whatever reason ive never seen this movie. anjelica huston is such a bad betch plus bubble plays her homegirl so i'm confused why the witches isnt considered classic camp. the only negative i'm seeing is the lead boy is so untalented & cringeworthy. i can see why his career was so short. i'm sorry but the grand high witch was goals until the end. anjelica left some huge shoes to fill & although i like anne with an e, idk if she can pull this off. still confused why people make such a big deal out of hocus pocus but not this movie but ok...................

i like how they set this new one in 1967,the fashions are going to be spectacular. on imdb, lots of white people are complaining that the child is black(because of course they are). chris rocks intro was pretty funny but the cgi looks cheap. anne with an e has a very bad accent. she isnt scary or sexy, just annoying. this one was closer to the book so that was a plus but anne hathaway really is terrible. replace her with anjelica huston & this wouldve been a great movie.

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