Thursday, December 7, 2023

boys will be boys or #ripamie


every time i open tinder i see his profile first so i know he's already swiped right on me. gareth is technically good looking but not my type.his eyes are dark & blank like a shark.i keep swiping left on him,i can do better. after about a year i am bored & decide to give him a chance. i swipe right. we talk. he is trying VERY hard to be quirky & fun & its like talking to a robot pretending to be human. our conversation tapers out when he begins to stalk his ex girlfriend again. she contacts the cops & despite her having multiple restraining orders against him, they ignore her. boys will be boys. he tries to woo me online, then the next day gareth pursehouse throws amie harwick off a balcony & kills her.

i am sharing this story because women are always told to ignore our intuition, lower our standards, & give these "good guys" a chance. i wish i could say this was the only time a man who killed a woman he claimed to love then tried to date me but this isnt even my most interesting story. 

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