Wednesday, October 25, 2023

various musings from the former muse


i was so excited when i heard that i had been cast in the last movie i worked on. that was a while ago & i still have not seen that movie. it seems like a lot of my life is like that, i get excited then absolutely nothing happens.

my favorite holiday is halloween/my birthday but i havent celebrated it in years. maybe this year? probably not but dreams are free.

i always forget i have "fans" & that i was on tv & thats why strangers think they know me.

6 degrees of separation is so real here in hollywood. so many former friends who are connected & they dont see but i see.i am the missing puzzle piece that brings it all together & only i know where the bodies are buried.

i stopped having dreams years ago when i started taking sleeping pills. my dreams have come back recently but its only the same dream over & over. i am dead,i have died, but no one knows,not even me. i get up & work, i eat, my schedule is the same but i am dead. im sure a therapist would have a lot to say about that

a complete stranger came up to me & said he liked that i was natural & didnt have plastic surgery. natural is a word that i would NEVER use to describe myself so that was weird & unsettling.....

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