Monday, August 31, 2015

miley cyrus & her dead petz

so last night after assaulting our eyeballs with her horrible dreadlock weave & pancake azz at the mtv vma awards, miley decided to release a free album called "miley cyrus & her dead petz". :-(

I find nothing funny about the title because yes, a lot of her pets have died & the pix of the ones she still has shows that they are not being taken care of(the poor unwashed kitten with the dirty eyes, etc). the songs are bad(not in the Michael Jackson sense) & boring. the music video for "dooo it!" made me literally gag(I had to turn it off because I thought I would vomit on my laptop, no lie).

some say she released it for free because the record label thought it was hot garbage. i wouldn't disagree with that. it makes me mad because this was a perfect opportunity for her "happy hippie" homeless teen charity. i always assumed it was just a hobby, a way to get young homeless kids looking up to her & someone to get high with in between working. i never took it seriously because she never takes it seriously. what do they even do to help? I've only seen her parading the one hot homeless guy at the awards(who later turned out to be a criminal)but nothing to actually help the homeless. she could have charged $1 donation to "happy hippie" for the album then had a link where you could donate more. all this attention yet she does nothing positive with it. smdh

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