Friday, September 25, 2015

pia mia

i'm drunk, got a contact high, & I just want to watch "archer" while eating my subway sammich, so i'll make this brief. got invited to a party by kode magazine with a "performance" by pia mia. I've never heard pia,have no idea if she is on the radio, i came in with an open mind.

I was 2 hours late to the party, i show up & everybody is squeezed into a back room sweating. not a good sign. there are port o potties(what?) in the back & a security guard blocking the real restrooms. i see her standing on the side of the stage for 20 minutes,the man introducing her has no idea how a mic works & is pointing it everywhere but his mouth. you can hear every other word. I am not impressed. she is wearing the tackiest 1980s aerobic leopard outfit & her backup dancers are in goodwill couture. she says some nonsense about how "don't you know who I am?" & does not need to say her name. i am frowning now. the songs are ok,catchy, but she's in spandex lingerie & "twerking". I say "twerking" like I say "performance" because it's all half @ssed, unprofessional, & reminds me of high school talent shows. i guess they are trying to make her into the new Britney spears because she is white but these days you need more. just being white is NOT good enough. the whole thing was so lame & basic that I felt embarrassed for her(& y'know the D does not get embarrassed).

her lingerie was like something Ke$ha would have worn 3 years ago & then she decided to take it off on stage :-(. again with the "twerking" & her backup dancers doing "sexy" moves & now i'm pissed. here's the deal, women are more than just objects to be fapped to. pia sold herself short & instead of being interesting(or talented) she decided to take off her panties & show her @ss to an audience who talked loudly throughout her set & had their backs to the stage. afterwards, she saw me, her eyes got huge, she gasped, & turned around to go the other way. I don't know who is her manager/stylist but they ALL need to be fired. girl, do better. seriously. the whole thing was so fetch that I cant even.

the end.

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