Monday, March 21, 2016

the catch

so i went to a premiere tonight for "the catch" at NeueHouse
starring peter krause & mireille enos.i have no idea why i keep getting invited to tv show screenings & why i keep going. as usual i was sick but this afternoon went to the dr(& was heavily medicated by the time i got there). of course i made a beeline to the free champagne.

i loved peter in Dirty Sexy Money but this is a bad james bond ripoff.the plot was contrived & you could see the ending from a mile away. mireille enos is pretty & talented but her wrinkled puss is distracting.i guess its good to get away from the overly botoxed look but she looks 60 years old once she starts emoting.its bizarre. can someone please buy her some moisturizer? this is the kind of bland show that will either last for 20 years(due to the blandness) or be cancelled the 1st month(due to the blandness).

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