Saturday, September 24, 2016

hurricane bianca

so as much as I love drag queens and fierce bitches,i have never seen RuPaul's Drag Race(it's a long boring story involving them hiring my enemy instead of me as a guest judge). tonight I will be watching Hurricane Bianca and hopefully it will be as funny  as Starrbooty or Girls Will Be Girls.

20 minutes into it and haven't laughed once.the premise is good but the jokes are so immature, nothing witty at all. rachel dratch and alan cumming are wasted in this and rupaul is only onscreen for 2 seconds. one more hour to go,i hope it improves .

i knew it was going to get good once he got into need to save all the funny lines for bianca del rio. "i'm fucking this cat, you just hold the legs"? somebody please make sure that is on my tombstone.

i can't recommend this movie. it's not bad but it's not good either. pretty boring and not what i'd expect from shangela, margaret cho, or willam belli. i would have rather they spent less money on bad cgi and more money on a better writer. disappointing to say the least and a great waste of comedic talent

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