Monday, September 12, 2016

the last tycoon

finally watching The Last Tycoon.i was SO excited when I heard about it,but got turned off when I saw lily collins was in it.i'm really tired of seeing unattractive, untalented people benefiting from nepotism.

i read the book and saw the old movie with robert deniro and anjelica huston which I loved but this is missing something. matt bomer aka walking perfection looks so thin and tired.i wonder if that was on purpose or not but it's's only an hour long but i've been trying to watch it for 5 hours today :-(. the costumes and sets are great but idgaf about the nazi subplot.

of course the only black characters were dancers who had no lines, there are plenty of close ups of their butts. they bend over in front of the camera to take their bows in shorts that barely cover their asses(underwear pokes out from the bottom).this is the best they can do for black women? at least they could've had a lena horne type. or a James Wong Howe asian cinematographer or a female director like Dorothy Arzner. why tell the same white male story EVERY time? i'm 9 hours in and only half way through.

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