Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lucky Brand Spring 2017 Cocktail Party

so the Lucky Brand  clothes were ok(everything was just SO 1994)but i really liked the embroidered hippie denim and fake vintage KISS band and Jack Daniel's t-shirts. too bad they were only giving away embroidered bandanas and kept running out of thread? i stood in line and got nothing. Kate Bosworth breezed past the hoi polloi(to talk business?) with some men in suits. she's very pretty but is only getting modeling jobs because she is white. the girl is 5'3 at best.

98% sure i was talking to McLovin but he had a fake german accent. whatever. his body looked INCREDIBLE and had he not brought a horse faced blonde we would have probably made out. oh well, Christopher Mintz-Plasse knows where to find me now.

about 6 people came up and said i was best dressed at the party but we already knew that.a band started playing(i refuse to even use google to figure out their name).the sound was bland maroon 5 pop and the cute lead singer kept singing to of the guys in the audience said he had a crush and it was very embarrassing(for a person who never gets embarrassed). I  had 5 jack daniels cocktails plus 1 glass of wine and was still not drunk so I knew it was time to go home

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