Friday, February 3, 2017

Mariah Carey - I Don't ft. YG music video review

so i've been a lamb since vision of love .nothing mariah carey can do to make me not be a stan,not one of my favorite movies, not that boring "reality show",not the fake romance with the gay guy, nothing. but this may be the straw that breaks the camels back.

my first thoughts when watching this is:
1 why does the director hate Mariah?
2 why does the wardrobe person hate Mariah?
3 why does the editor hate Mariah?
4 why does her manager hate Mariah?

mc is a legend,the voice is still amazing even though she does not take care of herself. mariah has never been sexy. ever. even when skinny her body wasn't that great(and that is fine). when you have talent you don't need a perfect body or to be half naked all the time.this is important so I will repeat it, when you have talent you don't need to be half naked all the time.

mariah is squirming like she has crabs and the lingerie looks like it cost 2 for $10.polyester does not become a legend most.mind you,i turned it off once yg started "rapping" but I doubt it gets better.

 mariah is having the same trouble as madonna,trying to appeal to teenagers instead of her loyal fans. teens don't buy concert tickets(,merchandise, or cds). she needs to take a few years off,get rid of the blood sucking vampires that surround her, get sober and then come back with some hits because this is embarrassing. mc has been in the game too long to be out here looking foolish

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