Friday, June 2, 2017

i'm dying up here

i was feeling terrible after just leaving europe and I get an invite to see the first episodes of I'm Dying Up Here produced by jim carrey. i'm excited and need to laugh so I show up on time.

i love ari graynor but she is pretty much wasted here, none of her lines are funny. all of the male actors are unattractive with zero charisma.i get plastic surgery wasn't as common in the 70s but does EVERY actor need to be ugly? this isn't the bbc so i'm not understanding.

miss montana morehead plays the mom and she was looking so good i thought it was debbie harry until I saw the credits.the equally amazing robert forster plays the dad but unfortunately they are only in 1 episode with very little screen time.

of course the only black actress was a prostitute who stole a dead mans wallet because I guess that is all we can do. it's not like there was a real black 1970s comedienne like moms mabley that they could use as a character instead of the ugly unfunny men they hired instead.the more i thought about it ,the more heated i got.i don't even have to explain the uproar if the only white woman in a tv show was a hooker theif but i'm sure the majority will watch this and not even see the problem.

i can't recommend this.the only reason to watch is melissa leo and the vintage wardrobe and that is not enough.

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