Monday, April 30, 2018

transgender "artists" made weapons to kill feminists

now i'm pretty tired & about to watch the latest episode of plebs but riddle me this: why do transwomen hate women more than they do the men who rape/kill them? images: source

no matter how many layers of makeup are used, i can still see the testosterone. funny how that works.hating what you are so desperate to would be funny if it were not so sad. how does killing women get rights for transpeople? are women in charge now? why is wanting female only spaces for people with vaginas such a bad thing? the entitlement is so incredible.

this is what we are dealing with.a man wearing a shirt saying he wants to punch women. this "art"(which was paid for & posted by the public library) was made by a group of men who are upset that lesbians refuse to have sex with them. really. i wish i were joking. since this hatred is only focused towards women it will not be taken seriously. tptb will say "boys will be boys" & it will be swept under the rug until it affects straight white men.ok,i am officially done for today,time to watch mr ryan sampson

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