Monday, May 14, 2018

that time dallas almost had sex with an incel

so i meet this guy & he is GORGEOUS,one of the most attractive men i've ever seen in my life, could easily be a male first thought after seeing him was "i hope i dont mess this up before we have sex".


we talk & i'm trying to get to know him.the first thing out of his mouth:
"i'm a virgin"
me: "are you kidding?"
incel:"no. will you have sex with me?"
me: :-(

i tried to explain to him how sex was not the most important thing in the world,how only talking/thinking about sex would turn off the majority of women(who did not want to be treated like objects).i suggested he go to a prostitute since it was obvious he wasnt looking for companionship or love & just trying to "get rid" of his virginity.he was upset. how dare i use logic & reasoning instead of just allowing this complete stranger to pump & dump! i asked him what his therapist thought & he basically just repeated the advice i'd told him.he said he'd been going to therapy for years but it wasnt helping.of course he blocked me soon after. i wouldnt be surprised to hear he'd shot up a church or kidnapped a woman.

i'm sure he blames his virginity on others

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